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My time studying at Nicholls State University and exploring coastal Louisiana led to a passion for wetlands conservation and preservation of the Cajun culture so intimately linked with this vulnerable landscape. In 2017, I began a PhD program at Louisiana State University in the School of Renewable Natural Resources. My research interests include coastal wetland ecology and management, science communication, and ethnobotany, with a focus on conserving coastal marshes. You can read more about my current and past research here.


In addition to my academic research focus, I am interested in intersections between art and science and how scientists can use art to communicate with the general public and motivate community action. My research on the sustainability of coastal marshes is intensely relevant to my home in south Louisiana, and I hope to incorporate a variety of mediums to reach a larger, more diverse audience. I currently use popular science writing and photography to communicate my research outside the scientific community, but hope to incorporate visual arts and videography through collaboration with local artists. I hope that using more publicly accessible and emotive mediums will inspire concern for and action towards conserving the Gulf Coast's coastal wetlands and its unique culture.

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